Weekly Reading 1–Remote Façade Pattern

As I’m an avid reader, I decided to start sharing weekly recaps of my reading list. This will often include articles I’ve found interesting, but also items related to the projects I’m currently involved with. The subject matter may vary, but I hope others will find them useful, or better yet as a way to sharpen your saw.

The past week has been all about design. I’ve been reading one of my favorite books again, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. Recently, I’ve been thinking about ways to create a web service layer over fine-grained API.  In order to reduce the number of remote calls from client applications over a distributed network, I’ve been revisiting the Remote Façade pattern, which allows you to create a coarse-grained interface over a fine-grained API. Additionally, you may also find the article on Data Transfer Objects useful.

Here are a few more articles that I read:

Software components: Coarse-grained versus fine-grained

Data Transfer Object

Domain Objects Caching Pattern for .NET

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